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The Divas

Running Divas is a clothing line that inspires women to live fun, active, outdoor lifestyles. A hip line of casual wear for mile-minded women that’s cute and playful, with slogans and styles that celebrate running — a labor of love.

Originators, Aeron Arlin Genet and Marc Genet are lifestyle runners. They both grew up in the surf, skate and cowgirl culture of California. Started running in junior high and never stopped — competition is an integral part of who they are. Hiking and running are a daily part of their lives on California’s Central Coast with plenty of off-leash areas to venture with their dogs Hank & Pene.

If you are new to our line, you will soon discover that Marc is the original running poet and through our clothing line he provides endless inspiration one garment at a time. 

live it.  run it.  flaunt it.  running divas -- join the tribe!

Running Divas Track Club

We are a club that promotes women racing at their best, especially for the post-collegiate, open runners. Our primary focus is master athletes – over 40 years young, but all are welcome. Many of us divas ran track in junior high & high school. Didn't know it then, but Title 9 made a difference. Why stop now?

With everyday pressures, it can be tough to fit it all in. It's important to give yourself time – to train hard, stay focused and compete. A tribe can help to make it possible – a group of divas who get you out the door and stay motivated for those long grueling workouts.

Located on the central coast, in San Luis Obispo, California, we group up for workouts on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. The divas are busy, workouts start early! Of course, the running divas are spoiled with two high caliber coaches who have known each other since high school.

Like our name says, we are definitely geared to be racing on the track, but we have fun getting fit with cross country!

Aeron Arlin Genet

D.O.B.: June 28, 1967
College: Cal Poly, SLO
Accomplishments: 1500 - 4:15 (@ 36 yrs), 5-time All American Division II Track, partial track scholarship & competed in track meets across the USA.
Master Accomplishments: 400 – 62, 800 – 2:13, 1500 – 4:21, 3k – 9:53, world record 40 yrs indoor 4 x 800 – 9:25.
FAVE RUN: Knights Ferry, Stanislaus River Indian trail run. Way back when, without the "no trespassing" signs and range shooters.
Running Dream: Heading up runner's foundation, a non-profit group that promotes open space, open tracks & healthy people.
FAVE running divas slogan: "running is what everything else isn't"
Race mantra: today's a good day to run fast - relax & go.
Best race: 1500 PR @ Stanford – should have made a move when Nicole passed me.
FAVE workout: any workout w/ a 200 at the end in a sub 30.
FAVE track: Hayward Field, University of Oregon
FAVE shoes: cowboy boots – gotta wear them more
Special talent besides running: stand up comedy...really

Aimee McVicker Mangan

D.O.B.: June 20, 1969
College: Foothill Community College & University of Washington
Running = 60:54 Stockton 10 Mile; 34:54 Wharf to Wharf (10thplace); 16:44 5k.
Surfing = WSA 2005 – 2006 WSA Women's Championship Tour Season Overall Champion & WSA 2005 – 2006 WSA Open Women's Championship Tour Season Overall Runner Up
Paddleboarding (prone)=2011 12 mile Jay Race 2nd place Women's Stock , 2013 2 mile Jay Race 1st place Women's Stock
Master Accomplishments: Working on that currently.
FAVE RUN: The Arboretum in Seattle WA
Running dream: Keep moving fast and injury-free as long as possible.
FAVE running divas slogan: "jog and die"
Race mantra: Settle down & in, You can do this.
Best race: 16:44 5k at the Jingle Bell Run in 1995 (4th place overall, almost got the 3rd place guy, almost.)
FAVE workout: 5-4-3-2-1 minute cut downs on trails.
FAVE track: University of Oregon
FAVE shoes: Asics... all of them.
Special talent besides running: Enjoying & living life to the fullest.

Kira Jorgensen Abercromby

D.O.B.: September 12, 1971
College: UCLA and University of Colorado, Boulder
Accomplishments: Super young racing--four-time Kinney (yes not footlocker) qualifier in Cross Country, National Champ in CC, three time state champ in 1600m. Getting older--Ran every street possible in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and Westwood while racing for UCLA, mostly the 1500. Even older--Survived the limited oxygen supply while training in Boulder, CO and Houston, TX, and narrowly missed going to the olympic trials by 0.16 secs. Current--Two amazing girls who look like my husband. Living the dream and teaching in SLO. Convincing Aeron to take me on as a training partner and being a diva.
Master Accomplishments: Coming back to racing after a "few" years off seems like a good accomplishment. Decade PRs are the name of the game in Masters Running so having set a D-PR in 400 (64), 800 (2:21), and 1500 (4:46) since starting with the Divas has been awesome.
FAVE RUN: Really anything EXCEPT for the grass fields at Cuesta but particularly enjoy avocado tree-lined runs near Cal Poly's campus
Running dream: All of the divas PR'ing on the same day
FAVE running divas slogan: "you'd think after all this running, the race would be easier"
Race mantra: Have fun
Best race: I'm not sure I've had it yet. Still trying.
FAVE workout: 400/200 sets
FAVE track: Drake Stadium at UCLA and Hayward Field in Eugene
FAVE shoes: Asics Cummulus
Special talent besides running: Losing my keys

Jennifer Frere

D.O.B.: August 1973
College: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
1991: California High School State Champion, 10th place Kinney Western Regionals – Cross country
1991: 9th in NCAA Div. 2 Cross Country Championships (team won first place)
1992: 2rd in NCAA Div. 2 in the 5000m; 3rd in the 3000m
6 time All-American in track/cross country
Best 5K on the track: 17:04
Best 3K on the track: 9:47
Master Accomplishments: 2:29 in 800m - and being able to workout strong and improve throughout the season.
FAVE RUN: Montana de Oro – Coon Creek trail
Running dream: To run and compete as long as I can, and show others that you can be strong as a master's athlete.
FAVE running divas slogan: "freakishly strong." I was recently called "fragile" (Who says this to someone?) and when I wear this shirt, I think it catches people off guard! I need to pick up a few more of these shirts...
Race mantra: Relax and go.
Best race: I ran a road race on the Stanford campus back in 1998. I hadn't been doing very much training – just running easy, but found myself gliding to an 18:05 5K, second place finish. I love that feeling of floating, when the pace seems easy, but you are running fast. This feeling can be hard to come by, and it is so memorable when we can tap into it.
FAVE workout: 200s on the track! Since I've shortened my distance these are incredibly fun because you can just let it go. Quick off the start, strong through the turn and then speedy down the straight away.
FAVE track: Hmm…Cal Poly – minus the wind. So many great workouts there.
FAVE shoes: Have to run in Asics. Anything else and I'm sure to get injured quickly.
Special talent besides running: Playing the piano. I just love it, and I try to play every day. There's nothing else like music after a long day. It is so relaxing and gets everyone humming in our house.

Jennifer DeRego

D.O.B.: November13, 1979
College: Cal Poly, SLO
Accomplishments: Big West Conference Champ, 10k; 2004, 2008 Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier; 1st American Female LA Marathon, 2007.
FAVE RUNS: Bavaria, Germany- Traipsing over the carriage trails through the Black Forest; Rockefeller State Park Preserve, Sleepy Hollow, NY. ; Montana de Oro.
Running Dream: To run STRONG throughout my lifetime, achieving personal bests and reaching Olympic sights.
Favorite Running Divas Slogan: Even tie between "rare excellence" & "freakishly strong".
Best Race: 2004 Olympic Trials Marathon, St. Louis, MO.
FAVE Workout: 1-min Hill repeats & 16x400m on the track. Any Workout that I can run with the Divas is a Favorite ;)
FAVE Track: Pepperdine University
FAVE Shoes: Asics DS Sky Speed
Special Talent besides Running: Play piano by ear; Cooking; Quilting; Pottery; Laughter

Our Coaches

Coach Bud

D.O.B.: April 30, 1954
College: San Jose State Univeristy
Accomplishments: sub 9 minute 2-miler in high school
Master Accomplishments: running divas track club
Coaching Dream: feral running camp
FAVE running divas slogan: "got me a medal. cost me my leg. i'd do it again."
Race mantra: run til ya drop and then kick
Best race advice: hold back. look at the competition. make your move.
FAVE workout: mile and a half (on the track) – 800 cutdowns within
FAVE track: drake stadium, ucla
FAVE shoes: tiger marathons
Special talent besides coaching: surf & art
Coaching philosophy: hold back on the reins

Mark Schilling

D.O.B.: July 8, 1954
College: San Jose State University
Accomplishments: 1972 Ca. High School State Meet Champion (4:05.4); State Meet Record for 38 years; 1973 NCAA Division 1 Track and Field Championships 6th 3:58.6; # 59 On the list of Americans to break four minutes; 1973 USA Jr. National Championships 1st Place; 1975 NCAA Division 1 Track & Field National Championships; 2nd Place 1977 880 yards 1:46.4
No Masters Comp
FAVE running divas Slogan: "jog and die ... pain is the test … f#ck it walk."
Race Mantra: The Ultimate Running Machine
Best Race Advice: Ask Coach Bud
FAVE Workout: Cutdowns
FAVE Track: University of Oregon
FAVE Shoes: Adidas Gazelle's
Special talent besides coaching: Cooking
Coaching philosophy: Effort and Rest must compliment each other